Rental Service

ASKANIA - Your partner for high-quality microscope renting

Do you need high-grade microscopy for a foreseeable short period of time so that factoring in a purchase does not appear valid?

We are your partner, also in terms of rental, and offer you equipment for industry, technology, laboratories, research projects or exhibitions and hobby projects.
Our portfolio includes microscopes and cameras. All rental microscopes (ASKANIA and ZEISS) are configured and calibrated and ready to use.

We are happy to provide courses for beginners and for specific topics, so that you can start working directly.

Stereo Microscopes


LED Spot, Reflect. or Trans-Ilumin.

ZEISS Stemi 305

Stand: K-EDU or K-LAB

ZEISS Stemi 508

Stand: K-EDU or K-LAB
Circuit board contacts, magnified
Insect wing, magnified
Small grasshopper in microscopic plant sample
Science & Exploration

Technical Microscopes


Camera and Measuring Software
Digital measurement of cog
Measuring Data
Overview image on circuit board
Measurement of small component
Quality Control

Laboratory Microscopes

ZEISS Primostar 3

Full-Köhler, Ph and dark field

ZEISS Primovert

Fluorescence 470nm
Fluorescence image, green
Fluorescence imaging
Multi-Dye sample of cells
Microbiological sample of mouse hair
Samples in µm-scope

Microscope Cameras


Stand-Alone mode

DeltaPIX Invenio 10EIII

Supports topographic mapping

ZEISS Axiocam 208

WLAN connectivity
Microscopy image of rat embryo
Material sample of weld breakage
Press-formed small component