Repair and Maintenance

All from a single source – ASKANIA is your partner for repairs, routine service and maintenance of optical devices and especially microscopes of any model and manufacturer.

Your laboratory microscope, your stereo microscope or your trichinoscope (FF V, FF VII, Leitz IX Q2) is no longer working as intended? Soot, dust or dirt covers up the optical components and degrades image quality? Is the focal drive or the sample table jammed or even loose so that working becomes detrimental? The illuminator light has stopped shining? We are your partner, whenever it's about repairing your microscope. Our craftsmen have the necessary technological know-how and the experience to aptly repair and refurbish your device. And are certified to do so.



A collection of microscopes that we can repair, sorted by manufacturer:

  • Bresser
  • Carl Zeiss Jena
  • Euromex
  • Eschenbach
  • HUND
  • Kern
  • Leitz
  • Mikroskop Technik Rathenow
  • Leica
  • Motic
  • Nikon
  • Olympus
  • ROW
  • WILD
  • Zeiss

We gladly offer you a rental device to provide a microscope during the repair time for your work. Contact us!

Service on-site and in our specialized workshop

Depending on the task at hand, we can visit you for an extended repair job of stationary devices. You can also send your device to our company workshop.

  • Cleaning of all optical parts (such as oculars, objectives, condeser lenses, tubes)
  • Depending on situation a calibration of the entire optical systems (Principle according to Köhler).
  • Check up of all mechanical elements such as sliding tables and focal drives
  • Calibration, repair and cleaning of light sources
  • Peripheral cleaning
  • Comprehensive functionality check

If applicable, we can process smaller repairs right on-site. Please consider sending in your device if you are located outside of Germany as local customs and increased traffic fees will apply.

Repairs at our workshop can include the following services:

  • Coarse- and Fine drive  - dismantling, grease stripping and cleaning, greasing / oiling, calibration and assembly.
  • Slide tables - disassembly, degreasing and cleaning, greasing / oiling, assembly
  • Illumination
  • Calibration of prismatic and mirror bases systems (Tubus)
  • Pancratic system - dismantling, grease stripping and cleaning, greasing / oiling, calibration and assembly.

Contact us today and make an appointment for your microscopy service appointment:

This contact form only supports text. If you feel that images should be included, please send an E-Mail at directly and attach any images. In either way, we will contact you and discuss details in-person.